August 23rd, 2011 02:50pm

Time for Kindergarten!


On Monday morning, our house started stirring much earlier than it had in the past ten weeks of summer. It was Aubrey’s first day of kindergarten! We had been preparing Aubrey for her big day for quite a while, and she was (surprisingly) anxious to hop out of bed, put on her carefully selected first-day attire and get out the door!

We arrived at her new elementary school, and Daddy, Mommy and Riley walked our big girl to her class. And I’ll have to add that I was very thankful for the opportunity to do so seeing as my 5- going on 15-year-old voiced her concern with being walked to class just a few days prior at Meet the Teacher. When I was explaining to her that we would be walking her in the first couple days, she quickly told me that she didn’t need my help and could get to class on her own. After a bit of begging on my part, she agreed to let me take her in the first day and snap a few photos.

Aubrey proudly marched into her classroom with a smile on her face. She hung up her backpack, put her lunchbox in her cubby and sat down at her seat to color as though this had been her routine for months. She was already a kindergarten pro.

After I snapped a few photos, my husband gently pushed me out the door because it was quite obvious that Aubrey was too busy coloring her worksheet and socializing with her friends to worry about flashing me any more smiles.
The monumental “first day” has come and gone. And while Aubrey was excited for her second day as a kindergartener, I can say that she didn’t hop out of bed quite as fast this morning. I guess 6:30 a.m. just comes too fast, even for a big kindergartener.

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  1. August 26th, 2011 7:52 am

    They sure grow up so fast! My daughter is also starting kindergarten this fall, but I’m not ready to let her go, so I’m homeschooling her :) I’m not committed to doing this her whole schooling life, so I’ll eventually have the first day of school photo session blues, too…hopefully it happens before she’s a teenagers so I don’t embarrass her beyond what she’s able to endure!

    by Lynn

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