May 1st, 2012 11:42am

My brown-eyed trouble maker


Ever since Aubrey was born, she has been a pretty well-behaved, laid back little girl. As a toddler, she never tried to escape from the shopping cart, climb on the household furniture or touch the electrical cords plugged into the wall. She was content playing with a puzzle or reading a book.

My 22-month-old, however, has made it clear that she is intent on pushing me to my limit as she tries to explore the world around her. She is constantly on the move, zooming around the house like a tornado, leaving destruction in her path.

If she’s not trying to tug on electrical cords, she is probably making an effort to climb on top of the piano or raid the refrigerator. Just the other night I found a big bottle of mustard under my eldest daughter’s loft bed. When I couldn’t find the brick of cheese I needed, all I had to do was ask Riley. She led me right to where she had so cleverly hidden it – in the small opening between the fridge and the cabinet.

But the tough part about parenting such an…um…curious child isn’t trying to keep her out of trouble. The challenge is trying not to smile when she walks out into the living room with a loaf of bread or chuckle when she climbs into her water table and yells “bath!”

My brown-eyed trouble maker requires a lot of attention, but she brings so much joy to our home. I am just praying that with enough parental guidance she is able to reign in her exploratory side during her teen years!

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  1. May 15th, 2012 5:35 pm

    My middle boy was the same. In the time it took me to put the clothes from the washer to the dryer the child safety locks carefully installed the week before, as he began walking at 10 months, had been opened. I came in to see him in a pile of coffee grounds, him throwing them like dirt gleefully exclaiming, “look, see”. He would teepee the house if I tried to sneak to nurse the baby until I locked the outside of the bathroom doors, necessitating my three year old beg to get in with the bladder the size of a pea. But the very best snickering moment is a day I went upstairs to get them up and saw a smear that looked ominous. Another few feet and a dove wrapper told the story. They littered their way into his room. You see, I haven’t much of a sweet tooth but every once in a blue moon a piece of dark chocolate hits the spot. He then, and still, can ferret out sweets like the most astute tracking dog. I saw the smears all over his sheets the end of his bed, and I said “Joey.” He turned from the wall to me with a chocolate ring from the bottom of his nose to the bottom of his chin. I said “Joey did you get into mommy’s chocolate?” Like a deer caught in the headlights mouth gaping he shook his head “no”, and Jake and I started giggling uncontrollably. The hardest I agree is not to just giggle. Good luck with your ball of mischief.

    by Deniece

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